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Så er det blevet tid til en lille ekstra historie. Oprindeligt var det meningen, at Cecilia Tan ville have skrevet en helt ny historie til denne fokus på, men historien udviklede sig helt vildt, og kunne desværre ikke længere bruges. Øv øv siger jeg bare, men så får vi denne fantastiske historie i stedet, og da jeg tilfældigvis syntes at Frost er en fantastisk personlighed, er det altså super sjovt at læse denne lille historie.

Jeg vil dog lige advare jer om, at denne historie er ret seksuelt ladet, og jeg mener ikke dreng-pige her… Det er to fyre det handler om, så spring den evt over, hvis I har lidt svært ved hele bøsse-konceptet, for jeg formoder, at det kan virke ret provokerende på nogle af jer derude… =)

Ignorance is Bliss
In which Frost tells the tale of how he got together with Michael Candlin
by Cecilia Tan

I was raised by wolves. Never forget that.

Michael and I met in Enchantment class. We were lab partners; is that a cliche? How do most people meet their first boyfriend?

I suppose most people have already had their first boyfriend by the time they get to university. But remember, I was raised by wolves. Until age 11, anyway. After that I spent my teen years living with two nice old ladies who were happy to foster a magical foundling, a few blocks from the campus of Veritas. From no protection at all to overprotected, in other words. Neither one is conducive to dating.

So there I was in my first semester at the magical university. Michael and I were both wide-eyed and quiet as church mice that first semester, though perhaps part of that was no one wanted to upset Professor Cross. She was a brute when it came to practice and homework and grading on a curve. Fail her class and you could forget being an enchanter.

“Put your hand in mine,” Michael said in a quiet, quiet voice. We were sitting facing each other, working on an exercise from the syllabus. Around us everyone was paired off and doing the same thing, while Cross stalked up and down, looking for mistakes or lack of focus. He held up a hand, his palm open.

I hesitated for a moment. Physical contact wasn’t something I’d had much of in years. It wasn’t something I’d ever remembered wanting, and since moving to Cambridge, it had never been forced on me.

This wasn’t forced, though. It was an exercise for a class. Michael’s eyes were large and round and expectant.

I put my hand in his.

It was all downhill from there.

* * * *

I’ll probably never know just how much he knew about me before we met. Since I knew nothing about him other than his house (Scipionis) I assumed he knew nothing about me. But that was a bad assumption. I was known to many of the faculty as a “special” student, and idle chatter had a way of filtering down. I wished, of course, that all the attention came from my academic achievements, rather than the rumors—and some facts—about my past, so my goal became to simply be at the top of every class.

Since this was a partner class, that meant Michael and I would <I>both</I> have to be the best.

“We need to come up with a final project that will really show off both our abilities,” he said, motivated in his own way to excel. Typical Scip: they’re all about academics.

We were sitting at a table in the library, books scattered around us and notes covering the page in front of me. “I know. But is conjuration too ambitious?”

He shrugged. “It would make an impression. But it can’t just be a like a party trick. It needs to be artistic, and combinatory.”

I sighed. “Like, I conjure the seeds, and you make them grow quickly?”

“Hm, that has promise but…if we just do something additive, she’ll fail us. We need to do something that multiplies your power and mine. Something that could only be done with us working together at the same time.” He bent his head and wrote something.

I put my hand on the table and turned it palm up. “Put your hand in mine?” My voice was remarkably steady, I thought.

He looked up, and the look in his eye said he heard all the unspoken questions I wasn’t asking. He gave me a moment to appreciate that, then slid his hand into mine.

His was warm, almost hot. I took a deep breath and felt the power under my skin pulse. He swallowed, feeling it too.

“Whatever you want to do,” I whispered. “Whatever you want. I’ll try it.”

I was speaking of the enchantment project, wasn’t I?

* * * *

I kissed him for the first time a week later. A long, agonizing week in which I kept trying to think of how to ask him if we could. I’d never been kissed. Once I had it in my head to try it, I could think of nothing else. I sat so close to him in class that our sleeves touched. We took to studying together in the Scipionis common room, my leg touching his under the table. He noticed the change, but didn’t do anything differently. Not wanting to scare me away, perhaps, the same way I was afraid I might scare him.

I wanted so many things that I didn’t know how to ask for, but once I began to want, I couldn’t stop.

He rescued me late one night when we were alone in the common room, the fire burned to embers, and even the graduate tutors had gone to bed. I think the only reason we were still sitting there was because we were both waiting for this.

He knew to ask if it was okay before he touched me. “Can I touch your cheek?” he asked.

“My cheek?”

“Like this.” He reached up and brushed his fingers, then his warm palm, up my cheek. “Okay?”

I nodded.

Then he pulled me slowly closer. “Will you kiss me, Frost?”

My answer was to devour him. One touch of my mouth to his and I knew I would never get enough of him, but I was going to try. Lips, and tongue, and teeth. He was delicious and I was savage.

I was raised by wolves, remember.

* * * *

We didn’t have what I’d call sex until a month later. When do you start counting it as sex, anyway? I have my own reasons for questioning that, I know.

I count it from when orgasm gets involved. He made me come with his hand, in the men’s room in the library, where we’d gone to study the secret spell books together. It was difficult for me to let go. But I knew once I did, I found another thing I wouldn’t be able to get enough of.

Apparently, so did Michael.

* * * *

“Could we study in your room?” Michael asked one evening, when we were studying together before the library closed. We weren’t even working on the project for Professor Cross that night, but it wasn’t lost on me that we were pretty much inseparable.

I looked up at him. “My room?”

“Something tells me if we want to be alone, you’re better at getting rid of your roommate than I am.”

I licked my lips. “And do you want to be alone with me, Michael?”

“Yes, very much,” he said, and I heard everything he wanted in those words. Oh, Circe. He looked like a deer in the headlights, yet he was the one asking. Somehow that made it all okay. I never hesitated after that first day I put my hand in his. When he asked for something, I gave it to him, and invariably discovered I liked it.

I took him in the back way so he wouldn’t have to walk across the common room to reach the stairs. Then I told Persy to make himself scarce. We didn’t even make a pretense of getting our books out of our bags. I laid him back on my bed and unbuttoned his sweater, nibbling at his neck.

“Please, Timothy,” he said, asking without asking. I bared his cock and my own and rubbed them together. It was one of the best things I think I’ve ever felt. Not just the sensation of it, but the knowledge of what I was doing, and how much pleasure could be had from it.

“Want you,” he said. “Want this.” His fingers brushed up my length and made me shiver.

I know better than some people, though, how much pain can be had from it, too. I’d tried to forget. Circe knows I’d tried. So I had to be sure. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.” His hands pushed my shirts off over my head, my sweater turning inside out inside the undershirt. He stroked my chest. “I can feel you hesitating. If it’s too much…”

“It’s not too much,” I tried to assure him, but I couldn’t explain why I was so hesitant about sex. Not and still keep the secrets I had locked up so deep inside me from before I came to Veritas. I pretend that was all a bad dream I used to have. I pretend it’s a nightmare I used to have over and over, so bad it messed me up, but not nearly as bad as if it had really happened.

“You don’t have to tell me why you’re so scared,” he said. “You don’t have to tell me anything. But I’ll tell you everything, Frost.”

“Timothy,” I corrected him. “What’s to tell?”

“I can be anyone you want,” he said then, quickly. “When I…when I have sex, I can create a whole dream world around my partner.”

He couldn’t have known that was the wrong thing to say, but he felt my blood run cold.


“No dreams,” I insisted. “If we’re going to do this, I need to know it’s the real you under me. I need to know it’s Michael Candlin who wants my cock so bad, he dared set foot in Gladius House.”

He pulled at me then, pulling me into a kiss, but I didn’t let him kiss me as long as he wanted. I trailed my mouth down his neck again, got him out of his sweater and shirt finally, and sucked on his flat nipples, making his chubby cock bounce against my stomach.

I licked it, just to see what it would taste like, but I couldn’t bring myself to suck on it. Instead, I pushed his legs apart and licked his ass instead.

My jaw and tongue got tired of that pretty fast, so I rolled him onto his stomach and that was easier. I used my tongue and my fingers, making sure he was good and ready. How do you tell if someone is really ready? Maybe there’s no surefire way to tell, but when Michael broke down and begged, I figured he was.

My cock was such a different color from his buttocks, ruddy against the pale, almost bluish tinge of his skin.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Are you asking just to torment me now, or are you really just making sure?” he asked in return.

“I don’t know,” I said. “It just seemed like the thing to do.”

“For fuck’s sake, Timothy,” he swore. “Just get it in, and all the questions will go away.”

“They will?”

“Yes! Including that one!”

I had no idea what he was talking about, and nearly stopped to ask more, but my own cock was throbbing with hunger, his hole was twitching impatiently, and I decided there was no more waiting. I jammed myself into him before I could put it off any longer.

Oh. Now I knew what he meant. Inside him, it was like I was inside him. I could see through his eyes, and feel his skin—and, oh.

I think I whimpered. Or maybe that was him.

Here inside his head, we could talk, but there were no more questions, because there was no questioning the meaning of a word when we spoke in meanings more than in words anyway. I could see time spooled out before me from the moment I had first taken his hand to now, and how he had hoped for this moment all that time.

I had always thought of orgasm as the thing people craved. To know that what he’d wanted most was this intimacy, this being taken and filled—well, it made my cock throb harder.

It made me want to fuck him. To move back and forth inside him and let him feel every inch of my cock, to pry him open and claim him and leave my mark, and my seed, on him and in him. Which was good because that was exactly what he wanted. It wasn’t my thought or his thought. It was ours.

He came when I did, and after our bodies weren’t joined anymore, the psychic connection would fade, too, I thought. But while we lay there in each other’s arms, I found I could still “hear” him. Feel him. Whatever.

I used words, in my own head. I never had any idea sex could be like that.

He couldn’t stop himself from thinking, <I>It’s very different for the receptive partner.</I>

How much do you know?

He could sense the abuse in my past, like a stink that clung to my skin. He didn’t know the details and didn’t want to know unless I wanted to tell him. I didn’t.

His mind was open to me, though. Anything I wanted to see or know, was all laid bare and open for me as clearly as his legs spread for my cock. He didn’t want me to be afraid of anything, and thought seeing the depths of his soul was the best way to boost my trust.

He was right.

I fucked him three times that night, each time going deeper into his mind, and each time our shared orgasm was more intense than the previous. Poor Persy, my long-suffering roommate, who ended up sleeping on a couch in the common room. I didn’t even realize the whole night had passed.

Dawn was breaking, though, as Michael and I lay together, my cock soft but still inside him as we played the game by mutual agreement to see how long we could stay joined.

How long have you had this ability relating to sex? I asked him.

I’ve always had some telepathy, but I didn’t discover this kind until I started having sex, he told me.

Do you get it from your mother’s side or your father’s side?

I don’t know, he admitted. My mother had me after a May Day ritual in Greece. She never knew who my father was, nor cared. She used to joke he was a satyr. For all I know, it wasn’t a joke.

I never knew my parents, I thought before I could stop myself.

He was quiet then, meditating on one thing, which was simply how happy he was to be in my arms. That was the real start of Michael and me, and we were happy right until the end.

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Halløj derude, og mange gange undskyld den lille pause der lige har været i fokus på-touren… Jeg har simpelthen været nødsaget til at udskyde de sidste dage en smule, da vi desværre har en hamrende syg lille fyr her hjemme, som ikke tillader mange rolige timer i døgnet, men der er stadig tre dage tilbage, og dem skal I selvfølgelig ikke gå glip af. Jeg blev bare enig med mig selv om, at det var bedre at udskyde, så gejsten og spændingen forbliver intakt, i stedet for at presse det hele igennem og det ender med at blive en sur og vattet afslutning… Men her er hvad der kommer til at ske, og hvornår:

På tirsdag vil der være en lille historie, som forfatteren har skrevet.
På onsdag vil anmeldelsen af tredje bog blive lagt op.
På torsdag vil jeg det hele blive rundet af og en vinder blive trukket i konkurrencen.

Dette betyder således også, at jeg har besluttet mig for, at udvide konkurrencen en smule. Man vil således kunne deltage til og med onsdag den 22. og vinderen vil blive offentliggjort om torsdagen.

Jeg håber at I alle har haft en fantastisk weekend, og ser frem til at afslutte denne fantastiske fokus på-tour med jer. Og til alle jer der endnu ikke har tilmeldt jer konkurrencen, skynd jer! for bøgerne er super gode, og selvom det er i elektronisk udgave, kan man sagtens læse dem på computeren, og de er altså det værd!!!

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Så er tiden kommet til et lille interview med Cecilia Tan, og hold da op hvor var det svært, at begrænse mængden af spørgsmål… Herunder får I interviewet, så rigtig god læselyst!

1. I could use many words to describe your Magic University series, but if you should describe your series in five words, what would they be?

Hm, five words? How about “Magic sexual identity discovery quest”? Because discovering your sexual identity is a kind of magic, and magical sex is a discovery, and discovering he’s magical is what leads to all kinds of sexual awakenings for Kyle.


2. The first thing I noticed when reading The siren and the sword was that there were quite a few similarities to the Harry Potter books, and in the afterword you yourself write that the Potterverse was among some of the books that you found inspiration in, when writing this series. Why did you choose the Harry Potter books? And what other books/authors did you look to?

Yes! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I was playing in an online Harry Potter role playing game when I came up with some of the ideas in Magic University. I wanted to explore the intersection of sex and magic and that isn’t something that we really know about in the Potterverse, so I had to go my own direction. But I was also strongly influenced by the Amber books of Roger Zelazny, and by the works of Neil Gaiman and Steven Brust.


3. Even though you have let yourself be inspired by the Harry Potter books, your series has a more adult touch to it – the characters are older and there is a very sexual aspect/component to your books as well. How old would you say new readers should be to read your books?

It’s my general feeling that people are ready to READ about sex before they’re ready to start having sex in real life–in fact I think it’s probably important for people to be able to learn through reading and fantasy before they go out to do it with another person!–but that age of readiness is going to differ for each person. I wrote these books with adult readers in mind, but different cultures draw the line for “adult” in different Places.


4. The Magic University series consists of four books in total, and on your website I saw someone asking if there were more books planned, to which you answered: “Well, after we get the series back into print, and after I fulfill my next three book deal to Hachette for BDSM romances, I can try to come back to this universe. 🙂 After all, there’s grad school still to think about, no?”. Is this still something you are considering? And do you have any news about any development in the writing of this/these book(s)?

Good question! I am writing a few short stories in this universe right now–one which readers will get to enjoy on your blog as a special treat! One of the books in the series is a collection of short stories called SPELLBINDING which has some stories by me but also ones by several other writers exploring the world and other characters. So for the new edition of that book, which will come out in July, I am writing a completely new story. And that story opens up more possibilities. It will be a few years before I can get to writing a full novel-length sequel, though.


5. Your Magic University series are just now being released with the most amazing new covers. What do you think makes these covers so special? And what do you yourself like best about them?

I am in love with the new covers! They are being done by an artist I met through our mutual love of Harry Potter. She does fan art under the name Fox Estacado Arts, and she has done some amazing portraits of characters ranging from Luna and Hermione to Draco and Snape. So I knew her style and I knew she would understand what these books were about, what spirit I was trying to capture. So I convinced the publisher, Riverdale, that they should spend the money for these gorgeous custom-created covers instead of buying stock photos. I’m so happy with how they have turned out.


6. Your books have some pretty erotic scenes in them, but do you find it hard to write these scenes? Is it harder than all the other scenes? And being that you have chosen a male main character, is it harder to get inside his head and see it from his point of view?

I don’t seem to have any trouble writing from the male point of view. What gender my character is has never made it harder or easier for me. And sex scenes are my strength. Those scenes are easier than all the other scenes because they are the most fun to write. Writing a sex scene is almost as much fun as having sex itself! The one thing I need to be sure I’m aware of when I’m writing a sex scene from the male point of view is to include sensations that I might not have personally since my body feels different. My male readers tell me I get it right, though.


7. Tarot cards are one of the things that you use a lot in this series, and I think it’s a great idea, and not a very used one. But how come you choose to use tarot cards – what is it that makes them so special in your eyes?

I got interested in tarot cards just as a curiosity many years ago, and I thought they would be a natural thing to include in books like these. So much of what’s going on in Magic University is Kyle figuring out what’s “real” about magic and what’s fake. Like in Harry Potter the magical population didn’t used to be a secret–they lived with and among non-magical people openly. So things like tarot cards that date from before the magical world went into hiding are something both sides are familiar with. I didn’t realize, though, that when I put a tarot reading into the first chapter of the first book–when Alex reads Kyle’s cards for the first time–that it was going to end up being such a huge part of the book and the series! The reading Alex pulls for Kyle, I pulled those cards myself and they fit perfectly. I ended up doing that for EACH book, and discovering that the cards I drew each time fit the plot of the book perfectly. So it just worked out that the cards are a major theme that runs through the books.


8. I can see on your website that you use tarot cards yourself. How much do you use them in your everyday life?

I don’t really use my tarot cards very much for “real life.” I do readings for friends sometimes, especially when they’re trying to get through writers block. And I use them to get past writers block myself. The cards are very good for getting you to figure out what you’re really thinking underneath all the distractions. They are about telling a story, after all. Once in a while it’s good to tell yourself a story about your own life and see what you learn from it. When I do readings for myself, though, the message is almost always “write more.”


9. You write on your website that you are not against fan fiction, and that you think of fanfiction as a way for your fans to engage their imaginations even more with the stories than when just reading them. Having others being inspired by your books must be an amazing thing, but is it also the other way around, where you let yourself be inspired by what your fans write?

When we were working on Spellbinding, a couple of the stories in there are by fans I found through fanfic sites who explored some characters I hadn’t really had time to. Definitely some of the things that happen in the final book in the series (The Poet & the Prophecy, Book 4) were influenced by things they came up with for their stories. For example, Kyle has a roommate named Glendon. It’s a fact of life, people are assigned roommates, so I had created this character but I hadn’t done much with him. My friend Lauren Burka wrote a story with Glendon as the main character that led me to give Glendon a somewhat bigger role in book four than originally planned. He gets to perform a heroic task I might have assigned to someone else!


10. Last, but not least, I will let this last question be one for you… If you put yourself in your fans shoes and could ask yourself any question (not already asked), what would it be? And of course – what would you answer?

Oh, that’s tricky. Hm. I had trouble coming up with a question so I asked fans on Twitter what they would ask me and this one came up: “We all know that characters attack your brain at the worst moments. Could you share one of those times?”

It’s a little hard to answer this without giving spoilers, but I will say both Kyle and Frost made some choices that I was surprised by. Neither of them stuck to the plot that was planned when I started writing the series! I decided to trust them and go with what they were telling me and I couldn’t be happier with how their various choices helped the plot to turn out.

Also in this series, like Harry Potter there is a mystery to be solved in each book. In the first book I thought I had it all set up with who the culprit was, but literally while I was writing the “reveal” scene, I had a thought: what if it was this other character instead? So I tried writing the scene with this character I hadn’t planned for being the culprit, and then I went back to look for where I could insert evidence or foreshadowing pointing to that one instead…and discovered that the book was already packed with clues pointing to that character! So clearly my subconscious knew all along, it just waited to let ME know until the scene where I had to let everyone else know. There’s a kind of magic in that, and in trusting your imagination to take you where you want to go!

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I dag skal det handle lidt om forfatteren generelt – hvad har hun skrevet, hvad er mine indtryk, tanker m.m. – faktisk bare en lille intro, så I måske kan lade jer inspirere til at kigge nærmere på flere af hendes udgivelser…

ceciliatan_200x200På trods af, at jeg personligt ikke havde hørt om Cecilia Tan før jeg så ”The Siren and the Sword” på NetGalley, lader det til, at hun er en ganske kendt forfatter udenfor Danmarks grænser.

Hvad der helt præcist gør hende så populær kan man sikkert diskutere meget om, men jeg tror det er en blanding mellem hendes meget seksuelt ladede skrivestil, hendes åbenhed over for alt hvad der har med det seksuelle at gøre, samt hendes positive og åbne sind.

Cecilia Tan er dog ikke kun kendt fordi hun er modig nok til, at stille sig frem og fortælle om hvad hun tror på sådan rent seksuelt, for hun skriver altså også hamrende godt, og da jeg kiggede lidt på Goodreads faldt jeg tilfældigvis over denne smøre… hold da op siger jeg bare, for der er godt nok meget ros at hente:

Cecilia Tan is “simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature,” according to Susie Bright. Her BDSM romance novel Slow Surrender (Hachette/Forever, 2013) won the RT Reviewers Choice Award in Erotic Romance and the Maggie Award for Excellence from the Georgia Romance Writers. Her books include the ground-breaking erotic short story collections Black Feathers (HarperCollins), White Flames (Running Press), and Edge Plays (Circlet Press), and the erotic romances Slow Surrender, Slow Seduction, and Slow Satisfaction (Hachette/Forever), The Prince’s Boy (Circlet Press), and The Hot Streak (Riverdale Avenue Books). Her short stories have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Nerve, Best American Erotica, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and tons of other places. She was inducted into the Saints & Sinners Hall of Fame for GLBT writers in 2010, was a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association in 2004, and won the inaugural Rose & Bay Awards for Best Fiction in 2010 for her crowdfunded web fiction serial Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. She lives in the Boston area with her lifelong partner corwin and three cats.

Jeg har siddet og læst en masse om Cecilia Tan, inden denne Fokus på-tour gik I gang, og der er godt nok mange ting at fortælle, men hvad der slog mig mest var dog, hendes ekstremt åbne tilgang til det seksuelle – bade hendes egne seksuelle erfaringer, og hendes karakterers seksualitet. Hun er på ingen måde bange for, at stille sig frem og fortælle om sine egne seksuelle overbevisninger, og I hendes bøger er der heller ikke noget som er tabu – i The Magic university serien bliver bøsser, lesbiske, heteroseksuelle og biseksuelle fx blandet sammen i en stor pærevælling, og selvom jeg ikke personligt har læst hendes andre bøger, skulle dette være et gennemgående tema, hvilket jeg er helt vild med. Ud med alle de der tabu-emner, og ind med åbenhed, og det er netop hvad Cecilia Tan gør… Indrømmet, det seksuelle fylder ekstremt meget i mange genrer, og der er hamrende mange mennesker, som ligesom jeg selv, glædeligt læser disse bøger, men der er alligevel en vis modstand mod at afsløre overfor andre at man læser dette (det er de færreste gange man hører folk sige, at de i deres fritid læser porno). Kigger man ti år tilbage, var der ikke så mange mennesker, som indrømmede at læse så seksuelt ladede bøger som Cecilia Tan fx skriver, men der er selvfølgelig sket en stor udvikling de seneste par år – i særdeleshed i forbindelse med udgivelsen af ”50 shades of gray”, som vi vist alle sammen har hørt om…

Cecilia Tan er foruden at være forfatter, også redaktør, og har oprettet Circlet Press forlaget, som hovedsageligt udgiver erotisks science fiction og fantasy bøger. Det er imponerende at læse om hvor mange bøger hun har været med til at udgive elektronisk, og hun har samtidig også selv skrevet og udgivet en længere række bøger. En af de mere kendte serier er nok Struck by Lightning, der godt nok er af nyere dato, men som så vidt jeg kan forstå er lidt ala. ”50 shades of grey” – og som nogle påstår er langt bedre. Nu har jeg ikke læst hverken ”50 shades…” eller ”Struck by Lightning”, så det skal jeg ikke kunne snakke med om, men er man fan af ”50 shades…” kunne det jo være, at man skulle tage et kig på Cecilia Tans serie, og selv bedømme…

Her er lige et lille overblik over serien, samt ligt at læse om til de nysgerrige:

Slow surrender af Cecilia TanSlow seduction af Cecilia TanSlow satisfaction af Cecilia Tan
He pushes her sexual boundaries . . .
From the moment waitress Karina meets him in a New York bar, she knows James is different. Daring. Dominating. Though he hides his true identity from her, the mysterious, wealthy businessman anticipates her every desire and fulfills her secret fantasies. Awakened by his touch, Karina discovers a wild side she hadn’t known existed and nothing is off limits.
She aches for more . . .
What begins as an erotic game soon escalates to a power play that blurs the line between pleasure and pain. Even as she capitulates to James’s sensual demands, Karina craves more. She wants his heart, his soul. She wants his love . . . and she’ll break all the rules to get it.

Det lyder slet ikke skidt hvis jeg selv skal sige det… Der er endnu flere bøger jeg kunne skrive om, og hun har også udgivet et hav af noveller i diverse magasiner og på hjemmesider rundt omkring på nettet, så det er bestemt ikke fordi man kommer til at mangle læsestof, hvis man giver sig i kast med denne forfatter. Selv kunne jeg vildt godt tænke mig at læse flere af hendes bøger, også selvom de mere erotiske jordbundne bøger (altså uden fantasy-delen), ikke normalt er min genre, for hun skriver altså super godt, og jeg kunne vildt godt tænke mig at kigge nærmere på særdeles ovenstående serie, for at se, om den lever op til alt den ros den får rundt omkring… =)

Skulle I have interesse i at kigge nærmere på hendes andre bøger, kan I jo altid tage et kig på hendes hjemmeside, eller på hendes Goodreads profil, hvor I kan læse langt mere om de enkelte bøger og serier, samt læse interviews, se alle de mange awards hun har fået og meget mere.

Desuden kan jeg jo lokke med, at der her de kommende dage vil være et interview med hende her på bloggen, samt at hun har været så sød at skrive en helt lille historie til Magic University serien i forbindelse med denne fokus på-tour…

Så husk at kigge med de næste par dage, og rigtig god læselyst!!!

The Tower and the Tears af Cecilia Tan

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The tower and the tears af Cecilia Tan4 blomster sort

Titel: The Tower and the Tears
Forfatter: Cecilia Tan
Serie: Magic University #2
Genre: Fantasy, Erotik
Udgivelse: 2015 (første gang 2010)
Læst i år: 2015
Læst på: engelsk
Sider: 244
Forlag: Riverdale Avenue Books
ISBN13: 9781626011410
Kilde: Anmeldereksemplar fra forfatteren


Kyle starter sit andet år på universitetet, og bekymrer sig i stor udstrækning om det som alle andre universitetsstuderende gør – lektier, eksamener og venner. Dog er det langt fra en normal skole han går på, og da hans lektier blandt andet består af seksuelle udfoldelser, begynder det for alvor at blive sjovt. Sammen med sin klassekammerat og partner Ciara, finder Kyle hurtigt ud af, at han har et stort talent for sex-magi, men kan Kyle klare alt hvad der forventes af ham på det seksuelle plan, når nu intet er helligt?

”You may have heard the phrase ’your body is a temple’. Well, it is a temple, but it’s also the house you live in every day.” He loosened his tie and slipped it off.
Then the professor began to unbutton his shirt and Kyle found himself fighting the urge to look away.
“None of you would be shocked to see my bare hands, or my lips,” the lecture went on. “Would you? Of course not. Then why should you be more shocked to see this?” He peeled the shirt away to reveal a muscular chest with two dark ovals of nipples. “Out there, you might be. In here, you must learn to see every part of the body as a tool, as a key, as a part of magic.”
He undid his belt, and the girl with long dark hair gasped.
Citat fra The Tower and the Tears af Cecilia Tan

Da en professor bliver angrebet, og flere af universitetets magiske genstande bliver stjålet, befinder Kyle sig pludselig i et større mysterium end han kan takle. Hans kæreste Ciara er højest på listen over mistænkte, og Kyle er nødsaget til, at finde synderen, i et forsøg på at rense hendes navn. Men midt i alt dette, begynder han at tvivle på, om hans valg nu også har været rigtige. Er sex-magi virkelig vejen for ham, eller skal han finde sig selv i stedet? Og kan han overhovedet rense Ciaras navn, eller vil han blive nødsaget til at se det hele skride, uden at kunne gøre noget?


The Tower and the Tears er anden bog i Magic University serien, og jeg havde virkelig glædet mig til, at komme i gang med den – og den skuffede da heller ikke, selvom der var visse punkter hvor jeg desværre følte, at den haltede en smule.

For det første vil jeg sige, at denne bog slet ikke er for sarte sjæle… Hold da op hvor er der meget sex i den. Kyle begynder på sine sex-studier, og der er godt nok ikke så få seksuelle udfoldelser at læse om, og det er faktisk rigtigt fedt – man skal bare være sikker på, at man kan takle det, for hvor det i mange bøger kan være let at springe over, fylder det altså en del mere her, og er således en ret stor del af bogen. Desuden er der ikke rigtigt så store problemer med, om man har sex med en af modsatte køn, eller en af samme køn, og det virker faktisk lidt som om, at alle er mere eller mindre biseksuelle i denne bog, så det er endnu en ting man lige skal være sikker på, at man kan klare at læse om. For mig personligt var der absolut ingen problemer, og jeg syntes det er super fedt, at en forfatter er så åben overfor disse ellers ret tys-tys emner, så jeg nød det i fulde drag.

Kyle er stadig en ganske sjov hovedperson at følge, men han bliver til tider en anelse for ”speciel” efter min mening. Alle ser ham som det nye vidunder, alle har høje tanker om ham, og der ligger ligesom et-eller-andet og lurer i baggrunden, men for pokker hvor er det egentligt irriterende til tider. Jovist er han noget særligt, men han bliver ligesom sat op på en pidestal ind imellem, og det brød jeg mig virkelig ikke om.

Endnu engang har jeg desværre også lidt klager på kærlighedsfronten, for selvom jeg er helt vild med de forskellige personligheder i bogen, er det altså urealistisk at en flok unge voksne, er så accepterende og har så få problemer. Kyle går i seng med indtil flere piger i løbet af bogen, og det er sku ikke de store jalousi-dramaer der fylder mest. Desuden er der for eksempel visse tests han skal igennem, og sex med læreren er sku lidt på den specielle side hvis I spørger mig. Indrømmet, der bliver lagt op til, at kroppen og de seksuelle funktioner man kan udføre med den, ikke er hellige eller private når man er på studerer kombinationen af magi og sex, men helt ærligt, så manglede jeg ind imellem en smule mere menneskelighed – vrede, fejl, jalousi, dramaer… Whatever. Bare flere af de negative følelser.

Der sker en del i denne bog, og jeg kan faktisk super godt lide det meste af det. Ovenstående er eksempler på ting der irriterede mig en smule, og der var endnu flere småting hist og her, men overordnet var historien rigtigt spændende. Slutningen var en smule tam, men jeg er 100% klar på, at læse videre, for der er alligevel nogle ting, som jeg super gerne vil have afklaret – nogle mysterier der skal løses, og flere ting som jeg bare må vide… OG, kan man lide at læse om de mere seksuelle udfoldelser, er dette bestemt en bog man skal give et forsøg, for der er ingen tvivl om, at det netop er her, at forfatteren har sine styrker!